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Inflatable Remote Control Race Track

Have a little high flyin' dust flingin' fun!

Create your own OFF ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP and duel it out at your next event.

So the team here at Interactive Inflatables has been working hard to constantly add new and exciting games to our inventory. We decided to redesign our monster truck track to make it more EXTREME and RUGGED!!! So the team started bouncing ideas around on what would be the best track… Pencils hit paper and concepts were developed… “HEY! Lets add a huge hill” “How about giant logs???” “Oh, and we have to have bumps and rough terrain!!!”

The concept was developed (as shown to the right) and the anticipation grew for the day we got to test the new track… 3 new monster trucks were charged and ready to roll… Helmets were donned…seatbelts fastened and bets were placed…Engines smoked and tires screeched as we played like youngsters at Christmas.

The new track is awesome and it was hard for me to return to my desk after the test drive.

Dimensions: 20’L x 30’W x 5’H

Other styles are available... Or customize an inflatable race track of your own!!!

Race Track

Inflatable RC truck tracks.




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