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Hibachi-Chef 20' Single Leg Dancer

Ninja Restaurant in Brooklyn wanted a Hibachi Chef to fly above their restaurant to let everyone know that they provided Sushi-To-Go... and that is exactly what we gave them - larger than life inflatable advertising!!!

We added a high power LED lighting system to this dancer so that it would be visable at night. Check it out:

This high power LED lighting system produces various colors and even a strobe effect. These lights are great because they do not generate heat and use little electricity.

We Provide Custom
Concept Art!

New designs and custom sky dancers are our specialty. We can create the perfect sky guy for your business or event.

Push your sales through the roof and add more to your promotions with this larger than life dancing figure with custom logo.

Sky Dancers are used to draw traffic from the street to the store... and the holidays are a great time to use this cost effective form of advertising.

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