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Interactive Inflatables also produces turn key promotional events in local or national markets with highly trained and experienced staff.


Welcome to the world of Interactive Inflatables. We have been supplying Coca-Cola with inflatable games since the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. Our exciting games, combined with the prominent Coca-Cola product have been proven effective at numerous events across the country, including Coke’s Family Fun Festivals at Wal-Mart Grand openings. These highly successful events have not only increased sales but strengthened customer loyalty. By providing interactive fun, our inflatables give your product the emotional appeal customers respond to. We are here to energize your promotions, making them more effective, leaving a lasting impression.

Our games are manufactured with unparalleled quality and care making for a safer, longer lasting investment for you. We have a variety of Coca-Cola specific games to choose from… if there is something you don’t see here, let us know. Our design specialists are here to work with your ideas. From concept to creation, Interactive Inflatables can meet your inflatable needs.

For more information on how we can help you, please call (858) 622-6610.

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