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Party Pals

Party Pals - The Venue!

A most unusual venue in the heart of San Diego for Corporate Events, Teen Groups, Teambuilding, Bar Mitzvahs and more. Party Pals now hosts a full size Outdoor Ropes Course with elements such as the Cargo Net Climb, the Burma Bridge, Islands in the Sky and a 300’ Zip Line. Our Outdoor Ropes Course has been developed with all physical abilities and attitudes in mind. It is operated and managed by professional course facilitators.

Enjoy the party atmosphere in our open, outdoor space, beautifully canopied by a 4800 sq. ft. Hospitality Tent including a dance floor with an awesome audio and video system. We can customize your event to your theme by adding an Arcade, Casino, a la carte catering or even more exciting outdoor elements. The venue is located in Sorrento Valley, the heart of San Diego’s Silicon Valley and just 20 minutes from Downtown.


Click the video to view a recent event at The Venue.

From just one attraction to an entire gaming area,
Party Pals has the experience, equipment and staff
to make it happen! Give us a call at 858-622-6613.

Take a look at some recent events hosted
here at Party Pals The Venue...
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Adventure Course
Adventure Course
Corporate Picnics
Corporate Company Picnics
Graduation Nights
Graduation Nights
Birthday and Mitzvahs
Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs
Tradeshows and Expos
Tradeshows and Expos
Theme Parties
Theme Parties

Keep in mind that we can create a truely unique event site here at The Venue.
Don't hesitate to call us to discuss any other options or ideas you may have.

Provide the highest quality of entertaining games, activities and challenges to enhance lives through group interaction.
Planning a party takes special care.
Take a look at our suggestions below for creating a successful party!
Party Pals
  • An Arcade Bash
  • Racing Themed Events
  • Sports Themed Events
  • A Night at the Lounge
  • Teambuilding Events
Party Pals
  • Beach Themed Events
  • Western Rodeo
  • Carnival
  • Militay Boot Camp
  • Flight School


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