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golf paradise, golfers paradise

“Fore” the golfer in all of us!  If it’s golf-related, you’ll find it here.  Inflatable driving range, video golf, Putting Challenge, Chip-On Golf, Miniature Golf, and the ultimate instructional tool, our Pro Golf Analyzer, a state of the art teaching tool which includes a PGA-carded teaching professional.

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top arcade game picks  
minature golf
Miniature Golf
Perfect to set up your mini golf course!  Three seperate greens and holes with putters and balls!

golden tee video game
Golden Tee Video Game
Try this game for a change. It's a 3-dimensional game for players of all levels.

golf tee up inflatable
Golf Tee Up Inflatable
Accurate and fun way to improve your golf swing and ball control skills. Highly advanced radar system measures ball speed, spin and trajectory, then electronically calculates the ball's carry distance.

putting challenge

Putting Challenge
The contour of the green changes with each hole and after each putt to simulate the greens at your favorite courses. Three skill levels. Multi-contour game scores up to 4 players at a time can play a round.


golf analyzer

Golf Analyzer
A video camera records your swing, and compares it on a split-screen with a view of your favorite PGA pro. A 20" TV monitor shows the action and you get a souvenir hard copy of your swing along with the event sponsor's logo or message. Both can accommodate up to 40 golfers per hour.


golf chip on Golf Chip On
Players compete to see who can "chip" their ball closest to each of the 9 holes. They use actual golf balls with real clubs. Game keeps score electronically and displays it on backboard. Accommodates up to 60 golfers per hour. 4'W x 16'L


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