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Sprint 30" Table Top
Prize Wheel
I just received my 'Sprint Prize Wheel' and "wow" what an awesome product! And being as you went the extra-mile
and out of your way to insure I received it in time for the Golf Tournament tomorrow, I wanted to go ahead
and order an additional '3' (42" Prize Wheels) now! thanks!

Kenneth A. Michel
Director of Operations
Absolute Wireless, LLC
I received a wheel just in time for an event last weekend for another dealer and it was a HUGE hit!! The wheels are very nice quality and heavy duty! The store loved it and I'm sure that our other dealer will love theirs after using it this weekend. Thanks again!!

Marlyn Herrera
Sprint Nextel Corporation | Indirect Account Manager, Greater Bay Area Indirect Distribution
Click on the video
below to see how
they work!

Its Time to Spin to Win!!!!
*Just for Brightpoint Sprint Dealers that participated in the Web Conference call on 11-28-06*

Interactive Inflatables would like to thank everyone that took part in the Co-op training last week. One lucky dealer will win a new 24" Sprint Prize Wheel.

Click on the video below and "Spin to Win"



As you can see, I modified the wheel for this particular event by printing dealer names on circle stickers and temporarily attaching them to the wheel. There are many different ways to give prizes or discounts with these traffic builders. Color charts, stickers or even dry erase markers can be used to let the participant know what they will win after their “SPIN”.
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