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Used Games and Inflatable Specials For Sale

Looking for some used rental games or used amusement equipment for sale? We have a variety of used rental items for sale. Used items for sale may or may not be shown below. Please email or call for current availability.

water bombers



Used Wild Splash Water Slide For Sale

Want summer fun and relief from the heat? Then, try this great giant water slide. Just Splish and Splash all day long. Participants will have hours of fun. The best part is, it's great for all ages. Up to 120 participants per hour. (Dimensions: 33'Lx14'Wx7'H, 200 lbs)

Sale Price: $2,895.00

Retail Price: $4,750.00

water bombers



Pair (2) Used Water Bomber Water Balloon Launchers For Sale

These easily portable balloon launchers are perfect for any water themed event.

Sale Price: $3,000.00

Retail Price: $14,950.00

Used Inflatable Big Glove Boxing For Sale

It's all in fun with oversized boxing gloves!

Boxers come out swinging with giant boxing gloves. Opponents use giant boxing gloves to attempt to knock each other over. 25'Wx25'Lx8'H

Sale Price: $2,575.00

Retail Price: $5,650.00

Used Alpine Skier Arcade with 50" Monitor For Sale

All the thrills of downhill giant slalom, slalom and mogul skiing! Choose from 3 different skills and 4 courses, from beginner to advanced courses. Choice of character roles and views, all the fun without the snow! Skier races on 52" screen, down slopes for the best time.

Sale Price: $950.00

Retail Price: $12,000.00 New


Used Caterpiller Crawl For Sale - Qty 1

They'll line up to explore this guy. And they'll encounter a large slide, giant teeth, strange bumps and baffles....adventures that will have them scurrying back for more! For kiddies 125 pounds or less. Entertains up to 160 little ones per hour.

Sale Price: $2,995

Retail Price: $5,650 each


Used Laser Star Tag Guns For Sale - Qty 10

Have fun with these laser guns equipped with sensor that lets you know when you have been hit.

Sale Price: $450.00 per gun

Retail Price: $2,000.00 each



Used Inflatable Water Tag Arena For Sale

Vest up, pump your soaker gun and start winning!

This fun exciting water game for people of all ages. The game is played similar to laser tag except without the lasers. This game is all about getting wet. Players wear vests that collect water sprayed by other players. The "winner" of the game has the least amount of water collect of water in his/her vest at the of the game.

Includes complete accessory package. includes blower.

Sale Price: $3,950.00


Used Classic Photo Booth For Sale

Smile and Say Cheese!!!

This booth will create the classic 4 pose photo strip in black and white or color. It will also print passport pictures! A great prop, traffic builder for your trade show booth, carnival fun and more!

Sale Price: $3,750.00

Retail Price: $8,600.00



Crusin' Exotica For Sale


Racers... Start Your Engine!!!

Race around the world and universe. Link up to 8 game units and race your friends.


Sale Price: $2,000 for 2 Units

ladder climb


Jacobs Ladder Climb For Sale

Jacobs Ladder - Used Sales Great for carnivals, picnics rentals and more! Includes blower. Used inflatable Jacobs ladder great for carnival, fairs and rentals. Excellent condition used inflatable Jacobs Ladder Climb For Sale.

Sale Price: $3,950

Retail: $8,950

money booth


Money Booth For Sale


Make Your Event a Real Pay Day!!

Snag cash, coupons, gift certificates or tickets by the handful in this fun, fast paced activity.

Sale Price: $1,950

surf simulator


Surf Simulator For Sale

Catch the Wave!

This wild surfboard simulator has variable speeds from Slow to Bionic. Players compete to see who can ride longest, wildest or at the highest speed. Great for all ages! Runs on standard 120 volts. Area needed Approx. 20' x 20' includes blower. This has Brand New Mechanics and surf board with a used inflatable and blower.

Sale Price: $9,950

Retail Price: $14,750.00


Used Bungee Trampoline

Experience the exciting thrill of weightlessness as you bounce in the air, flipping as you soar. A special safety harness keeps players centered over the trampoline in this safe and exciting event.

Sale Price: $6,950.00

Retail Price: $14,500.00


Used Portable Rock Climbing Wall

Used Rock Wall for sale made by Spectrum Sports. Climb N Dangle model. Includes auto hydraulic belay system with harnesses. Stored indoors. Well-maintained and in perfect operating condition. Use rock climbing wall for sale. Best condition, best priced used rock wall for sale.

Sale Price: $11,995.00

Retail Price: $23,995.00


Used Human Space Ball

USED CARNIVAL RIDES FOR SALE and used amusement rides for carnivals, used space ball for sale the most "Breath-taking" and "Dynamic" GYROSCOPIC Ride you will ever experience in a small package. They equal the thrill of all the Multi Million Dollar White Knuckle GYROSCOPIC Ride throughout the world. Developed by NASA to train Astronauts and Fighter Pilots in weightlessness, orientation and fitness, developed these exciting GYROSCOPIC Ride to train aspiring pilots from the age of 4 upwards. Stimulating and visually exciting these rides score the highest marks at every event they go to.

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