Looking for a fun and creative entrance to your next event or tradeshow booth?

The words, messages and pictures spray-painted on walls and buildings are referred to as "Graffiti". Once considered the work of vandals, graffiti has evolved into an elaborate and colorful avenue of self-expression.
Many people now appreciate it as a form of urban art.

The Party Pals Graffiti Wall lets your guests "Leave Their Mark" with an assortment of water-soluble paint pens.
After the event the 4'x8' tagged foam core panels can be removed from the walls and saved or displayed.

Power, Power everywhere but not enough amps to go around…
If you asked us “What’s the number one problem you encounter at your events?”
We would likely answer...power distribution.

As an event planner you have a lot details to take care of. One of the most important but least glamorous, is power distribution. Compared to décor, menu, centerpieces, etc., knowing where and how much power your event needs probably rates at the bottom of the “fun” scale. However, not knowing that your triple-decker ice cream sundae cart needs 15 amps @ 110 volts could make the difference in a dessert they will remember or a runny sundae.

Often times, when we ask if power is available on site, we are told there is more than enough power to handle the event. Most clients know, some are not quite sure, and some have no idea…but the answer is often exactly the same…”…there’s plenty of power”. Guess what?...there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not knowing exactly what power is available at a particular venue. While we would certainly prefer you know, we much prefer to hear, “I’m not sure… I’ll check…how much do you need?”. There is no embarrassment in letting your vendors know you don’t know everything. On the other hand, whether Party Pals or any of your other vendors, we should be making sure you understand what our power requirements are. But remember, once you sign off on our Event Info Sheet as providing the power, we have taken it off our radar and, generally speaking, are not going to be concerned with that aspect of the event or venue. We’re more than happy to help any client who’s not sure. In fact, where logistics permit, we will even meet you on site for an inspection. Or, if time and logistics don’t allow, we can also speak with an on-site engineer or facilities manager. We’d rather take the additional time and make the extra effort weeks in advance than end up stressing everyone out the day of an event trying to solve a problem that proper planning would have avoided.

And, don’t let this become a financial issue. In other words, if the total power needs are not fully considered before hand, you may end up having to provide emergency power whether through the rental of a generator or pulling additional power from the venue at the last minute…usually at a significant cost. Or worse, additional power from any source is unavailable at the last minute and games, food stations, music, etc. has to be scratched from the event…something the end client will never tolerate.

If you do need to rent generators, the question of aesthetics can become an issue. Some generators are just plain loud and obnoxious. While they might cost a little more, we feel it’s in your (and your client’s) best interest to get reliable but quiet generators. Who wants to be at a nice park picnic with 3 or 4 loud, smoky generators blasting in the background. You might as well have lawn mower races as part of your event…at least that would provide some entertainment with the noise. Fortunately, if needed, Party Pals provides fully enclosed quiet Honda generators. While much more expensive than the typical generator used by many game and equipment rental companies, we feel they are worth the investment to help make your event as enjoyable as possible.
To sum it up, don’t cut corners, especially when it comes to power. Get your vendors involved early…get all the electrical requirements for their equipment and then check availability with your venue. Again, when in doubt, ask questions…there’s nothing wrong with not knowing…there’s a lot wrong with not asking!






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