Customize Games for Your Next Event!

Have you ever seen a white pool table? Probably not! At Party Pals the unheard of is possible. A recent winter themed event in Tahoe prompted a request for a white pool table to match the decor. It turns out that white felt for pool tables isn’t manufactured, so we found a fabric that was similar and set forth with the challenge at hand. It turns out white cue chalk isn’t available either so we had cubes of white chalk made for the event. As you can see from the photo above the result was quite spectacular. We can also add you client’s logo to the felt.



Another fun idea was to
customize fortune teller cards.
We worked closely with
our client to create cards
that not only had their logo
on it, but also had unique fortunes
that related to their business.




Hit the jackpot as guests
at your tradeshow booth or
special event interact with
a branded slot machine.
Party Pals can customize
the front face-plate to
include your company's
logo or any other message
you can dream up.


We can also create banners to
fit almost any game. Banners
are a great way to achieve
brand retention. Some popular
rentals that can be customized
with banners include rock wall,
sports pens, photo booth, and
all the inflatable games. Call
for a quote on adding banners
to your next event.

Sounds simple enough but how often do we take this for granted? What’s appropriate for your client and what’s not? These are not only important questions to know the answers to, it is important to convey the answers to your vendors. Your vendors should also be astute enough to ask specific questions about your client. What is the purpose/goal for the event? How many attendees for your event?…what’s the age range?…what’s the ratio of men to women? will the attendees be dressed?...etc. I know this all sounds a little obvious but these relevant questions are often not asked.

Think about it regarding game rentals…take a BatMitzvah for instance. When you’re choosing games, shouldn’t you know how the young people are going to be dressed? I doubt a bungee trampoline is necessarily appropriate for young ladies wearing dresses and yet we’ve been asked to provide this and similar games...the client had simply not thought it through.

Generally speaking, obstacle courses, bungee runs, Sumo Wrestling, etc. are not going to be appropriate for a well dressed crowd…they’d get sweaty and dirty.

If your game vendor is at all interested in your client’s satisfaction, they should ask you these questions also. In order to insure your clients complete satisfaction be sure to ask these key questions.








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