Floating Fountains

Add some SPLASH to your next event!

There’s nothing like the beauty and sound of flowing water to create a soothing, relaxing environment. Now, with our new Floating Fountains, the water will look as beautiful as it sounds. Fountains are a timeless symbol of peace and serenity and add prestige to any landscape. Our lighted fountains can be used in almost any body of water and are available in multiple colors for your evening event enjoyment.

Make Your Event Site Sizzle!!!

Let’s face it, much of your event’s success is based on not only your guests’ initial impression but the impression they leave with as well. Imagine the look on their faces as they enter your event…eyes light up…excitement builds…you know, the WOW factor. Our creative team will work closely with you to make your event shine in every way possible…decorative props, well maintained and working equipment, and an enthusiastic staff.

Spice up your event with color and ambience by adding our Floating Fountains, an entrance tunnel, sky dancers, bubble makers (Lawrence Welk anyone?), photo props and more. But why stop there?...Soar high above your next event in a tethered hot air balloon…Watch this visually stunning display of light and color as the balloon rises to the stars!

Party Pals helps make sure your client leaves thinking “WOW... that was AWESOME!”








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