It's about that time when summer hits its stride and we the people are in need of cool down!!!
Chilling out with a refreshing water game is a must on a hot summer day.

Dunk Tank

Take the plunge!

All in the spirit of good clean fun. Single target. Players toss softballs and the volunteer goes down for underwater fun. Can be used indoors or outdoors. No electrical power required. Water supply needed within 100 feet.

Royal Flush

Drop the kids off for a fun filled day in the Royal Flush Tank. More versatile than a dunk tank, the royal flush can be used indoors or outdoors without the worry of water splashing all over. When the Flusher hits the target with a ball, the flushee will be drenched by the contents of the toilet (water).

22' Water Slide

This is no ordinary order to slide must climb one side.

Beat the heat with this HUGE water slide!

Contenstants climb to top of the hill on all fours using foot and hand holds...and then slide on down. For up to 360 people per hour. 22'H x 15'W x 50'L.

Wild Water Slide

Remember how in the summer you and your friends would get wet with the water hose or even run around the sprinklers. Well now you can get wet and have great fun in style with a 35 foot water slide.

Water Tag

Vest up, pump your water gun and get to soaking! This is a fun exciting water game for people of all ages. The game is played similar to laser tag except without the lasers. This game is all about getting wet. Players wear vests that collect water sprayed by other players. The "winner" of the game has the least amount of water collect of water in his/her vest at the of the game.

Water Bombers

Players launch water balloons from their batle stations. Balloon splash on the roof of your opponents water station and get your opponent wet. The more you throw the wetter your opponent gets.

We would like to CONGRATULATE our Party Pal
Jeff Anderson on his latest achievement of being elected
as the new President of the Los Angeles chapter of ISES!!

Jeff's "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem." installation dinner will be held on July 19th at The Queen Mary. The dress is SoCal Beach Casual - as those of you who know Jeff might imagine. So, put on your flip flops, (but don't step on a pop top - do they even have those anymore?) board shorts and Tommy Bahama shirts and be ready for anything!

When we asked Jeff about his plans for the following year, Jeff said "Folks, this next year is going to be a blast! But don't think I don't take this seriously. I take my position very seriously. I am very passionate about ISES and I want us to rock and roll for the next year and on into the future. But, I want us to all have fun. Let's not take ourselves, work, and life too seriously. Be passionate, but have fun doing it. I want this chapter to grow by bringing in new people, but also by bringing back former members who have left for one reason or another. I want to make this the most fun chapter in ISES and the most successful. Carol and the other past Presidents have paved the way. I'm just going to add a little sand, some cool drinks with umbrellas in them, and some rockin' good times."

Annual Board Installation Dinner and ISES LA Chapter Awards
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
by Michel Euliss, Gourmet Celebrations
ISES LA Director at Large, Secretary

“Welcome Aboard!” the Historic Queen Mary for our Annual Installation Dinner and Chapter Awards to be held during our July 19th meeting.

The Legendary Queen Mary is located on the water in Long Beach, CA. She took her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936 from the John Brown Shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland. After the Queen Mary’s maiden voyage she was the pinnacle of luxury to which all other vessels strived to attain. However, her life was not only "Champagne & Caviar."





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