Check Out The Newest Design From Party Pals!!!

The North Shore Surf Simulator

This is the latest and greatest design from Party Pals. We have added a realistic 3-D wave and life-like palm trees to this beach themed inflatable. Put on your sunscreen, wax your surfboard and see how long you can ride the wild surf. This inflatable also doubles as a wave photo prop, but stay on your toes or else you will be sure to wipe-out!!!

Party Pals helps make sure your client leaves thinking “WOW... that was AWESOME!”

Imagine the look on their faces as they enter your event… eyes light up… excitement builds… you know, the "WOW" factor. Our creative team will work closely with you to make your event shine in every way possible… decorative props, well maintained and working equipment, and an enthusiastic staff.

Crank up the "WOW" at your event with
color and ambience by adding our sky dancers,
bubble makers (Lawrence Welk anyone?),
photo props or model balloons.

Sky Dancers and Sky Tubes sway back and forth in the breeze drawing attention
to your event. Available in multi colors, straight tubes, single-leg dancer and two-leg dancer.

Bubble Maker adds the fun of bubbles to your party!

Bikini Girl and Muscle Man Photo Props transform your guests into
the iron pumping beefcake or the sultry bikini babe. Great fun for all ages!

Model Balloons are realistic and lighted hot air balloon replicas.
Sizes range from 3' to 12' high. Great props for themed events and trade shows.





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