Party Pals has the newest games and props to energize your next event! The items listed in this newsletter are a small sample of what Party Pals has available. For up-to-the-minute ideas be sure to check out or speak with one of our representatives.

Smile and Say Cheese! This new photo booth will create the classic 4-pose photo strip in black and white or color. It will also print passport pictures! A great traffic builder for your event, wedding, tradeshow booth and more! Ask about our wedding packages.


The Surf Wagon Obstacle Course challenges contestants to climb to through the interior of a Classic Surf Wagon then race around giant beach balls... avoid the row of hungry sharks... swim up the wave face and duck through finally slide down the back of the wave into oceanic bliss.

The Dolphin Wave Scramble Slide has competitors climbing to the top of a 22-foot slide on all fours using foot and hand holds... 'Dude' Get totally tubular under the wave's crest, and glide back to earth!

The Super Mega Beach Obstacle Course is a 100' of adventure combining these 2 beach themed inflatables.

Take a breath of fresh air… Oxygen that is! Energize your next event with our cutting edge Oxygen Bar. Our four-station bar includes 4 aromas per station, mood lighting, 2 menus and 300 nose hoses!

Seven people sit face-to-face, sharing the effort as they pedal the Party Bike past amazed and admiring spectators. It's a hugely entertaining team-building exercise for all sorts of groups or just to ride and have fun. As seen on “The Amazing Race.”

For the cigar aficionado! This is the one place where hip cigar smokers light up their cigars. Host a Cigar Bar at your next event and watch crowds gather, as their favorite cigars are displayed and available for a smooth, leisurely smoke. Our styled and traditional Cigar Bar comes stocked or not (that's up to you) with signage, experienced servers, cigars and a humidor.






I started writing a really cool and powerful planner tip but then I thought..."Who's going to read these pearls of wisdom during the holidays?" you're going to have to sit on the edge of your seat anxiously anticipating my upcoming best seller planner tip due out in hardcover January 2006 (actually you'll have to print out the news letter and put a hard cover on it!).

So, here's my tip for the upcoming holidays...have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving...Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!!!

Take care and tune in next time, same Pals time, same Pals channel.

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