Are you planning a cutting edge team building event?

Look no further! The GPS Challenge is a high tech treasure hunt that infuses team and leadership skills through technology and adventure. This is the only team-building event that requires the use of multiple satellite systems. This event requires no prior experience. Our knowledgeable staff will train your group in about 20 minutes. Your event starts by breaking into teams and receiving technical training. Then the teams are off… Contestants will experience the thrill of the hunt combined with valuable team and leadership lessons. Finally, you will gather for an awards ceremony where strengths and weaknesses can be discussed.


We get more and more calls for Team Building events every day…and we love ‘m! They’re always such a blast!

However, because Team Building means so many different things to so many different people, in order for us tailor the event to your or your client’s specific needs, we need as much information as possible.

Questions we are likely to ask:

  1. First of all, What is your or your client’s primary goal for this event?
  2. How many people are you expecting for the event?
  3. Is there a certain number of teams you want to have?
  4. What is the age range of the participants?
  5. What about gender?...ratio of male to female?
  6. Are the participants in good physical condition or are they more sedentary?
  7. What about their job description?...are these sales people, white collar, blue collar, etc.
  8. Has this same group previously participated in a Team Building event? If so, what elements were involved? Which were popular and which were not?
  9. Is there a particular theme you wish to incorporate?
  10. Is your event site-specific or is the location flexible?
  11. What about time frame…how long are you expecting your event to be?
  12. Oooops…forgot about budget…do you have one? This may not have as much bearing on the overall success of your event as you may think. Team building events can be built around a wide range of budgets. And, believe it or not, your event does not have to be expensive to be effective. However, it’s always good to know the budget range within which we must work so we can most effectively and efficiently prepare your proposal and understand the parameters within which the event must be planned.

Question #1 is the most important to the entire team building experience. We need to know what your goal or goals are in order to help you reach them. Sometimes, we use a rating system to help us zero in on that goal if it is somewhat undefined.

We might ask you to rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important, as each relates to your goal.

  • Fun
  • Competition
  • Increased Communication

These are just basic questions, the answers to which will help us develop an awesome team building event for you and your client and leave you both with a truly memorable and bonding experience.


The Gang at Party Pals



The Mobile Solution Survivor Challenge

The Mobile Solution had over 150 employees from 34 states gather at The Venue for an action packed day of team building fun. There was never a dull moment as teams competed in rounds of Game Show Mania, Joust, Trolley, Rock Climbing, Human Foosball, and Basketball.

Check out photos from the latest team building event held at The Venue at Party Pals.

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