This Bike Rules the Road!

This bike will be the hit of your party! You can’t believe the looks on people’s faces when they see this rolling by.

Riding a bike has never been so fun! Not even Lance Armstrong can beat a bike that has 7 people pedaling at a time! (Actually he probably can) But just so it doesn't get too wild, only one gets to steer.

Bring this Party Bike to your event for team competition, team building or to just ride and have fun.

In one competition we blindfold the driver as the other six-team members tested their communication skills while maneuvering around a coned course. The teams are timed and points are deducted every time a cone is run over. This event is as fun to watch as to race!!

Call today and ask about the endless possibilities of the Party Bike!!!

All it takes is a gust of wind and a bad anchoring to send a birthday party into a tailspin.

An April, 2004 Oklahoma birthday party turned ugly when an eight-year-old girl suffered skull fractures and a lacerated spleen. The bounce house in which she and two other children were jumping came loose from its anchors and blew away, tumbling end-over-end across a busy four-lane highway. The other two children received minor injuries. Investigators said the stakes were too short for the bounce unit.

The Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor was told that the woman who rented the bounce castle had no idea the game could be so dangerous. The company that rented the inflatable was neither registered with the state nor insured, as required by the state.

Don’t let this happen to your business or your client. Hire insured Professionals.

Story from: InTents Magazine, By Ruth Stephens and Michael Tharpe. June-July 2005

This Same scenario was played out again only last month in Las Vegas. A nine-year-old boy suffered a broken hip and a severe concussion when a strong gust of wind lifted a bounce house off the ground and carried it several hundred feet away. It is hard to believe that this jump was not tied down, a must with any inflatable.

You can avoid these disastrous and tragic situations by:

  1. Hire only insured professionals.
  2. Check the background and history of your potential game vendor… Ask for references!
  3. Make sure the vendor can provide a valid certificate of liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and vehicle insurance.

Taking these steps will go a long way in protecting you, your client and your event.

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