Play 18 Holes and Never Take a Step!

Get ready to experience stunning 3D graphics that come alive on the big screen. The screen also acts as your catch net and our newly designed tent provides shade for a vivid projected image. The sharp, crisp images are so real, it's like you're right on the course!

The sensor pad takes readings on the golf club in motion, so you get true to life readings. The skill level of the golfer relating to club head speed, ball velocity, swing path, club face position at impact, strike point on the club face and ball spin are accurately translated onto the screen for accurate ball flight. It’s a fast, easy and scientific way to improve your game. But most of all, IT’S FUN!!! Players can choose between hitting at a driving range or have a closest to the pin contest. True to life feel as the contestant uses real golf clubs while hitting an actual golf ball.

Closest to the Pin Contest
Closest to Pin contests allow golfers of different skill levels to have a chance to get a hole in one. Choose from the easy and fun 100-yard hole featuring an island green, or the more challenging 150-yard hole. A leader board displays the winners.

Longest Drive Contest
"Grip it and Rip it." Long Drive contests always attract a crowd. The excitement generated is magnetic. People just walking by will want to take a swing. This feature is great for large events, because everyone can participate.


The big news for the past month or so has been Hurricane Katrina…and now, Hurricane Rita. I usually try to be funny in these newsletters (by the way, have I ever succeeded?), but obviously the death and destruction associated with these hurricanes are no laughing matter. We have all seen the images on TV and the terrible toll in human life and property destruction these natural disasters have caused. They have also had a terrible impact on those in our industry located in these devastated areas.

So, this month, there is no planner tip…no pearls of wisdom from someone (me) who probably doesn’t have any in the first place. Just a plea to all planners, vendors, and everyone else in our industry, to help where you can and pray when you can. So many people both within and outside our industry are hurting. As an industry, let’s do what we can to help them. There are so many wonderful charitable and humanitarian organizations set up to help in these situations, many of which can be accessed by the associations within our industry.

These include MPI, ISES, HSMAI, NACE, ABC, SDSA, and many, many more. You all probably belong to one or more of these organizations. They all have disaster relief information on their individual web sites. Go to your local chapter web site or any of the international sites for more information on how you and our wonderful industry can help.


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