Atomic Cannons

You'll have a Blast with this high energy shoot 'em up.

This massive inflatable arena is equipped with Atomic Air Cannons in each corner. The floor is lined with 500 Nerf Balls. The four players step into the arena and try to BLAST each other with sponge balls to score hits. The challenge begins when you're forced to step away from your cannon to gather more ammunition. This game is safe yet extremely exciting!!!

Dimensions 36'L x 26'W x 17'H

"California Dreaming"

Contestants climb through the interior of a Classic Surf Woodie... then race around giant beach balls... avoid the row of hungry sharks... swim up the wave face and duck through it... and finally slide down the back of the wave into oceanic bliss.

Add the Dolphin Wave slide to this obstacle course and you will have the SUPER MEGA Beach Themed Obstacle Course! A whooping 100' beach challenge!!!

Dimensions 45'L x 15'W x 15'H


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