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I guess I shouldn’t keep harping on communication but everything seems to come back to that.  This time, communication on the do’s and don’ts between planner and vendor specifically as to who the vendor can contact within the entire scope of the event to make sure their portion of the event, at the very minimum, runs smoothly.  Kind of a long sentence wasn’t it?

I just ran into this just this week.  I had some questions regarding location on a site…I left a message for the hotel contact…she called me back with the answers and she and the hotel engineer also had questions for me which, in turn, I answered.  Now, seems kind of innocuous doesn’t it?  Well it was anything but.  Assuming I was making the entire process easier, I was instead called on the carpet by our client for contacting the hotel…
Just for background, it is extremely rare that I’m told not to contact someone at the event venue with regard to access, load in, elevator and room dimensions, electricity, etc.  Almost always, as a vendor, assuming this responsibility relieves some of the pressure on the planner and they are more than happy to have me speak with the venue on these matters.  If you think about it, it makes sense and it usually allows for a more seamless load-in and set-up…
Anyway, I’m thinking, “What just happened?”…still thinking, “I always talk with the engineer, electrician, etc. if I have questions”…
Well, in this case, our client was absolutely furious that I would contact the hotel…who, by the way, wasn’t even the end client.  However, it was my fault…I should have asked our client if I could contact the hotel regarding some questions I had.  As innocent and helpful as I thought my action was, it was the wrong thing to do without first asking our client. 

Moral of the story…vendors, always clearly communicate your intentions to the planner and make sure that what you plan to do, no matter how wonderful you think it may be, is OK with the planner.  Ask if you can contact the hotel engineer, electrician, caterer, or whoever you think may be able to help you with your questions and never just assume it’s OK.  Now, 99 times out of 100, it is OK but that one time may lose you a client and it’s not worth it…especially when all it takes is a phone call.

Now, planners, you should also be very up front with your vendors as to what you expect.  If you plan on taking on the duty yourself of answering all the questions a vendor has, then you had better know exactly what the vendor needs, why he or she needs it, and specifically and clearly get the answers to those questions.  And vendors, make sure the planner understands exactly what you need.
It also comes down to a matter of trust.  We all know what I’m talking about…if you don’t trust your vendor, then you had better address that situation with your vendor and see if your lack of trust is warranted.  If you can’t resolve the issue, you need a new vendor.

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