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Rock Wall
Three climbers from each team challenge our 25-ft simulated rock wall. Wall has built-in safety devices. Climbers are secured in harnesses and safety lines as they attempt to scale the heights. No electrical power required. Serves up to 90 climbers per hour. Popular team builder.

Does this sound familiar?

You hire a game rental company sight unseen but the price is right. As the staff steps from the truck, you scream in horror as Chucky’s Carnival Crew emerges…you know…carnies…tattoos everywhere, multiple body piercings, mullet heads, Metallica T-Shirts, chains hanging from their pants which, by the way, happen to be located well south of their waist, boxers prominently displayed. Oh yea, cigarettes hanging from their pierced lips, and OOOHHH that body odor!! Welcome to your game-staffing nightmare!

As you know, the staffing of your event reflects on you and can definitely influence your client’s perception of you. Make sure the game rental company you hire has high hiring standards. Their staff should be properly dressed (generic “Game Staff” shirt, slacks or shorts in good condition, no open toed shoes), relatively clean cut, well mannered, respectful and energetic.

At Party Pals, we understand this and will provide you with a game staff that will create a positive impression and WOW your client!

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