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Classic Photo Sticker Booth
For those of us who happen to be just a little older, remember that feeling of excitement when you’d go down to the nearby drugstore and get to sit in one of those photo booths…acting all goofy and watching as that little strip of pictures popped out? Well guess what? It’s Back!

Party Pals introduces our newest Classic Photo Booth. Go back to the old days with a black and white 4-photo strip. Or, spice it up a little with living color!!! You can also use it for passport photos…those lucky enough to get those overseas events.

This Classic Photo Booth will add fun to any event. So go ahead, jump in with a friend or by yourself. Be as goofy as you want to be and let that kid in all of us come out!

Power Generation Requirements

Once you've decided on the games and entertainment for your event, electrical requirements and availability must be matched. Occasionally, for an inside event, the venue will have sufficient electricity. However, many times, as I'm sure your aware, older venues may have a problem meeting your electrical requirements...something bound to interfere with your clients enjoyment of their event. Make sure every vendor lets you know their specific electrical requirements and then make sure the on-site electrician is fully aware of those requirements. If he or she needs any explanation at all, have the vendors talk to him or her. Often times, these things are looked at individually but once on site, too many units are plugged into the same circuit(s) resulting in blown fuses, tripped breakers, etc. Another common mistake is plugging a game or other piece of equipment into a circuit, which includes a dimmer switch. This is death to games and equipment, which need a constant and non-fluctuating current.

For outside events, the same scouting for electrical outlets and availability applies but is often alleviated by the use of generators. While many vendors will have their own generators, for larger events, it is very often more cost effective to contact your local equipment rental company for a large, very quiet, tailored generator. Again make sure this company is fully aware of your power needs and also the location of each game or piece of equipment needing electricity. This has a bearing on the distribution and cost of the service.

Party Pals is always willing to help with any questions regarding power needs, game placement, vendor recommendations, or anything else you may need. Don't be afraid to ask!

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