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Dolphin Water Slide
Contestants climb to the top of the hill and on all fours using foot and hands hold...and then slide down a wave into an inflatable pool! Also available as a standard slide. 22’Hx15’Wx55’L

Venue Selection

Venue selection is critical to the success of an event. When possible, and when general plans are known for party entertainment and games, considerable thought should be given to the room/space dimensions as well as the load-in specifications. This seems obvious but often times a client has a specific theme and specific games in mind for an event only to find out later that the games either won't fit in the room, but more often, won't fit in an elevator or corridor. If at all possible, contact your Party Pals well in advance regarding game selection and your venue. More often than not, we will know the space and be able to give you an idea of what will work. If we don't we will do a personal site inspection when possible but at a minimum contact the venue engineer or other authority for specific dimensions. You never want your client to have their heart set on a certain game only to be disappointed because that game or games won't fit. You can help avoid that situation by giving us as much information on the venue as possible and allowing us enough time to determine if the games you choose can be brought into the venue. Party Pals will always do whatever it takes to make sure you and your client are completely satisfied.

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