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Yes, that's right sports season is upon us and Party Pals is on hand to provide you with the most extensive inventory of football-related and themed games in the country.

From arcade-style games such as NFL Blitz, 2-Minute Drill and UBQB, to inflatables like Quarterback Pass, the Field Goal Kick, and the Football Obstacle Course. How about the Madden Challenge on Play Station 2?

We can creatively theme almost any game for your corporate football party, tailgate, hospitality suite, Super Bowl Party, and more. Ever tried Sumo Football? What about the Football Bronco Bull, or Football Joust, Football Bungee Run? You name it, we have it or we'll create it!

Party Pals has even provided games and/or staff for several NFL Experiences...the annual fan fest preceding every Super Bowl.

Call Party Pals for all your football party game needs. It's 1st and goal and Party Pals is ready to Rock 'N Roll for you!


Know your Guests

The better you know your events attendees the better we can help you choose the best games or activities for your event. Information that is helpful includes:
  1. How many people do you expect? This helps us plan how many games you should have and how long the lines might be.

  2. What is the age distribution of your guests? For example, All kids or mixture of ages from teen to adult ? Different games appeal to different ages.

  3. What will your guests be wearing? You do not want to have physically demanding games where everyone is dressed up.

  4. What are the goals of your event? Do you just want everyone to have fun? Do you want them to learn something?

  5. What is the general physical condition of your group? You would not want to have physically demanding games for a less active group.

  6. What is the occupation of your attendees? Do you have a group of Doctors, Military Personal, Sales Managers, etc? We can come up with some fun suggestions based on your attendees’ occupations.

The more information we have about your event and its attendees that better able we are to provide you with the best games and activities possible for your event. The more you know, the better your show!

Have a Blast!

Party Pals

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