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Dance Dance Revolution
Want some dancin' fun...Here's your chance!

Want to learn the latest dance moves? Then you and a friend can do it together by choosing the music and follow the blinking arrows around you. Let Party Pals supply you with all your arcade needs!

Big Picture Planning!

I know, it never rains in San Diego!  That's great to say but the reality is we all need to think about a weather back up plan for out door events.  When planning your outdoor event you need to have a rain plan.  This can be done in a couple of different ways...
  1. Some events just can't move indoors and tenting will not always work.  You can get Event/ Cancellation Insurance to cover your costs for Event.  Event Insurance is not just for rain, it could be used if your Headline Entertainer gets sick; your venue has a major problem or for several other reasons.  Event Insurance covers caterers, rentals, entertainment and more.  Your business insurance carrier can provide you with a quote on this insurance.  A word of advice, buy early.  The closer you get to the date of your event, the higher the cost will be.  When first designing your event budget, make Event Insurance a line item!
  2. Look at your outdoor location and see how you can tent it!  Is there a back up location on hold?  Can your venue offer you a inclement weather location?  These are questions to ask! 

Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail with Big Picture Planning!

Party Pals

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