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Here Now! An American Classic game!

Perfect for your next Sports Bar or Sports Themed event!!! Shuffleboard is a great game that can be played by people of all ages and ability (and for those of you over 21, all stages of inebriation!). Now, since it requires a modicum of hand/eye coordination, the inebriated players will simply be supplying comic relief for the rest of us!

Each table is 14' long, made of beautifully finished Canadian Maple with molded corners, and numbered point lines at each end. Accommodates 2 to 4 players at a time and requires no power. Optional Shuffle Bowling configuration is also available. So sports fans, shuffle on over to your phone or computer and contact Party Pals for more information.

OK...I know we talked about rain alternatives a couple of letters ago, but Southern California has been getting so much rain, I figured we should revisit this issue in a different way. And, by the way, it's not just California that's getting the freaky weather, it's happening everywhere. Las Vegas just got snow for God's sake...people are cross-country skiing up the strip!!!

Anyway, last time we touched on the following:
  • The possibility of moving your outdoor event, indoors.
  • Tenting your event
  • Obtaining Event/Cancellation Insurance (Buy early!)
  • Can venue offer an inclement weather location/back-up location?

These are all important considerations, which your client will greatly appreciate you considering and discussing.

Now, given the most recent storms, there are a lot of other considerations:

Obviously, from a vendor standpoint, the amount of time needed for delivery to the event site can be altered dramatically. I was driving down the Interstate today and, at one point, all lanes were closed due to an accident. Traffic was stopped for over an hour. Now, you can't predict all accidents but it is very likely that more will occur during inclement weather. In times of continuous inclement weather, you must anticipate significant delays in getting all the equipment to the event site. Attention to several simple items can make all the difference in the world in making sure all your vendors make it on time:

Watch the news or log on to the Weather Channel for the extended forecast in the event city and any area between your vendor location and the event site.

Contact all your vendors regarding their leave time and what plans they have made given the weather. Within reason, your vendor should not charge you extra for the earlier leave time.

Examine alternate routes to your event and make sure your vendors are fully aware of them. Or, have your vendors examine the alternative routes and make sure they convey them to you.

Will the weather delay amount of time necessary for load in?…not just on an individual vendor basis but at the site are there flooded areas on site which will prevent full access to the loading dock or event area?...Is the ground too saturated in certain areas of the site to accommodate trucks, trailers, dollies, foot traffic, etc?...Have you or the venue considered what materials will be necessary to get the vendor items to and set up on the event site (ie: laying down a plywood path; plywood or wooden blocks for equipment legs, metal ramps for stairs in case a loading ramp area is flooded or impassable; etc.).

Contact your venue to make sure all is well with the site. Weather can screw up an indoor event just as easily as it can an outdoor event. Will there be any impediment for the attendees to get to the event? What transportation has been arranged to get the attendees to the site if the weather will not allow them to walk? Has there been any damage to the ballrooms or meeting rooms? Often times, when your event is in an area that isn't used to a lot of rain, roof and roof top equipment seals are often overlooked and, leaks are not noticed until well into the inclement weather. Nobody wants to be in a ballroom with a roof leak...unless of course you can work the buckets into your centerpiece design!!!

Anyway, these are just a few items to ponder. Give us a call if you have any questions, have any game rental needs, or you just miss us terribly and want to say Hi!!!

Look forward to hearing from you...take care.

The Crew at Party Pals

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