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Here Comes The Classics!!!

Party Pals has just loaded up with the most extensive inventory of classic arcade games in the country. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., Space Invaders, Asteroids, Dig Dug, Pole Position, Galaga, Defender, Frogger, Centipede, Millipede, Joust, and many more. Many of these games are available in both stand up and cocktail table configurations. GUESS WHAT? We now have PONG...that's right...the one that started it all...sit down at our new Pong Cocktail Table and play singles or doubles.

These games are not only popular with the 40-something crowd (that includes me!) but also even with Gen-Xers. Nostalgia is in!!!

So call Party Pals for the latest in Classic Arcade Game options!

Communication and Expectations

How often has a lack of communication and simple misunderstanding resulted in a near disaster for your event? It can happen and it is so unnecessary. Obviously, communication is the key. It is of utmost importance for the success of the event. While the vendor has a responsibility to communicate any problems or potential problems with the planner, the planner is equally responsible to foresee potential problems and discuss those with the vendor.

Planners: clearly communicate your expectations to your vendors and make sure they understand. Vendors: make sure you communicate your concerns with all aspects of the event that apply to you.

ASK QUESTIONS! Too often problems arise that could have been solved simply by asking the right question to begin with. Will there be power provided on site? Sound like a stupid question? Well, believe it or not, sometimes that question is not asked. The vendor assumes power is provided on site and the planner has assumed the vendor is providing his own power…now we have a problem!

"What are the specific load in requirements of the site?" Again this sounds like an obvious question, but often it is overlooked and not asked. The planner may assume the vendor knows the property, while the vendor assumes the planner knows the dimensions of the vendor's product and what it takes to load in. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. While it is often in a vendor contract that the planner assumes all responsibility for load in requirements and to communicate those requirements to the vendor, it is simply silly for the vendor to ignore or make any assumptions regarding this issue. Again, if it is not possible to do a site inspection, call the venue engineer and ask specific questions regarding load in. Consider dock-hi vs. overhead doors; width, depth and height of elevators, including the door height versus interior height. What's the door width to the room where the event will take place? These are all questions that must be asked. If, as a vendor, you have a problem with any load in or other aspect of the event, you MUST convey this to the planner.

At the risk of offending the intelligence of vendor or planner, do any of you remember the movie Philadelphia? In it, Denzel Washington asks the witness to pretend like he's talking to a 5 year old. Now, I'm not saying go that far but you get my drift. Ask questions...assume nothing...communicate fully and effectively.

Do so and you've gone a long way in not only making the event a success, but also the relationship between planner and vendor, and the future success of both planner and vendor.

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