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party pals
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Carnivals, Picnics, and Fun

The ultimate in midway games such as Can Smash, Fat Cats, Crazy Dot and more.  Rock Walls, Bungee Trampolines, Bungee Runs, Water Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bounce Houses and Jumps, Cameron the Caterpillar, Giant Trikes, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Tug of War, and more.  Also, ask about our 12-person Motion Simulator and our Interactive Inflatables line.

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top picks  
scramble slide
Scramble Slide
Contenstants climb to top of the hill on all fours using foot and hand holds...and then slide on down.
rock wall
Rock Wall
Three climbers from each team challenge our 25-ft simulated rock wall. Wall has built-in safety devices. Climbers are secured in harnesses and safety lines as they attempt to scale the heights.

carnival booths

Carnival Booths
A great Variety of Carnival Games from Fat Cats to Horseshoe Toss! 8'x8' Striped Booths with Tops, too!

candy art

Candy Art
Now's your chance to create your own candy art..just like sand art..but with edible stuff. Take a clear straw with one end closed and chose your own colors and then chug it down or keep it as your creative candy.


super mega obstacle slide

Super Mega Obstacle Course
Exciting new giant slide combines obstacles with the pinnacle of fun. Crawl through tunnels, scale the inflatable mountain and descend from the incredible giant slide. Players race through tunnels, walls, tubes, tanks, bumpers and baffles. Accommodates up to 360 brave souls per hour. 15' x 22'H x 100'L


joust arena Joust Arena
Two players joust from platforms using padded jousting poles "lances". Last knight standing, wins! For to up 45 players per hour. 3'H x 18'W x 24'L.


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