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promotional inflatables

A giant Gorilla, Dinosaur, rooftop balloons, and more.  Our larger than life inflatables are the ideal attention getter for your promotion or event.  We can even provide you with customized banners for the inflatables.  

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ehale costume

Wally the Whale
Wally the Whale is a great Inflatable mascot!  At any event, Wally brings family fun and excitement!  Perfect for greeting guests or handing out literature!  Rent Wally today!

dinosaur inflatable

Giant Dinosaur
Promotional Inflatables have the power to attract customers to your place of business!    Commands attention at events and claims your space at the event site!  "What's going on over there?"

sky dancer Sky Dancers
Setup up these dancing guys at your event to attract a bigger crowd ...or just have them as added entertainment as they dance around in the air.

roof top balloon

Roof Top Balloon
Roof Top Inflatables promote Price Point Promotions, Grand Openings, Special Events and more. Options include lighting and banners!
sky tubes

Sky Tubes
Watch these tubes sway and bring attention to your next event! Available in Red, White and Blue!
giant gorilla

Giant Gorilla
This 25' Legend brings huge attention to your next event.  Available with a Grand Openning or Sale sign.  Custom Banners can be quoted.

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