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promotional inflatables

Try our new Oxygen Bar…a truly energizing and uplifting experience.  Breathe 92% pure oxygen in a wide variety of aromas.  Or, what about our zany Photo Sticker Booth…choose from dozens of comic to exotic backgrounds and exchange stickers with your friends.  Our Surf Wave Photo Op, maybe? Ride the wild surf and have your picture taken on this giant inflatable wave.  We also have Firework Lights, A Dance Floor, Karaoke Machines, Bubble Machines, Canopies and Tents, Audio/Visual and Lighting Equipment, Generators, Space Heaters, Hot Air Balloon Props, and more.  We even have our own Hot Air Balloon for flights or tethering.  

Click Here to see our fun stuff for Weddings and Receptions.

Click Here to see our entire catalog of props and fun stuff.

top arcade game picks  

Surf Wave Photo
Have a beach theme event or just for fun, hop on the surf board alone or with friends and have your picture taken.

Boogie Lights
Dance away as you aahh your guest with interactive beams of colored lights that produce sound. Great for all types of added fun.


Photo Sticker Booth
One click and your people get 16 colorful mini portraits. Just the right stuff to stick onto letters, resumes, books and many more things. Who can resist this? And folks get a choice of borders, backgrounds, styles, etc.. A great treat!

Oxygen Bar
Energize your next event with our cutting edge Oxygen Bar.  Our 4 station bar includes 4 aromas per station, mood lights, 2 menus and 300 hoses!


Prize Wheels
Great for tradeshows, carnivals and picnics. Wheel can be customized to your specifications.  Also available for purchase!


Fireworks Lights
6' Bursts of colored or white lights for a fireworks effect!




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