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Tradeshow Traffic Builders
Looking to increase traffic and interest in your trade show booth?  We have just the inventory for you.  Prize Wheels, Actual Las Vegas Slot Machines, Double Shot Basketball, Putting Challenge, Money Booths, Oxygen Bar, Classic Arcade Cocktail Tables, (like Ms. Packman, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Asteroids, Centipede, and more).  Link 2 to 8 of our racing games like Daytona 2, Cruisin’ Exotica, Hydro Thunder, Arctic Thunder and more for an awesome interactive game experience in your booth.  We can even customize the exterior cabinets and/or marquees of the games to reflect your company logo, product artwork, theme and more!  We have a huge array of games and products to bring excitement to your booth… check it out!

top picks  
putting challenge

Putting Challenge
The contour of the green changes with each hole and after each putt to simulate the greens at your favorite courses. Three skill levels. Multi-contour game scores up to 4 players at a time can play a round.
prize wheels

Prize Wheels
Great for tradeshows, carnivals and picnics. Wheel can be customized to your specifications.  Also available for purchase!
money booth Money Booth
Luckiest booth in town...your chance to snag cash, coupons, gift certificates or tickets by the handful. Fans keep them swirling for 10 to 60 seconds, whatever you set. Customized money, coupons and gift certificates are available. Enriches up to 60 lucky people.
oxygen bar
Oxygen Bar
Energize your next event with our cutting edge Oxygen Bar.  Our 4 station bar includes 4 aromas per station, mood lights, 2 menus and 300 hoses!

double shot basketball
Double Shot Basketball
Hoops for two makes it challenging! Game Timer counts down as players shoot into overtime! Hold the best score and give a prize at the end of the day!

slot machines

Las Vegas Slot Machines
Everyone loves to take a spin! These real style Las Vegas Slots can have customized tokens with your logo or message! Great tradeshow pleaser!



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